Profile F-35


This Style Fits:

Profile F-35 arm rest and may be found on the following aerobars: 2014-2018 Aeria T2/T4, Aeria T2/T4 Alloy, T1+/T2/T3+/T4+ Carbon series , T1+Viper aerobar. It appears that in 2019 Profile will phase out the F-35 arm rest on most production models.

2013 Aeria Series would need Profile F-25. Also earlier models of the T1+Viper may need Cushy’s for Profile F-22.

**THE F-35TT while it appears similar in shape is considerably smaller and specific OEM on the Scott Plasma Series bikes. Even with these guidelines, double check the shape and measurements of the Cushy’s to make sure they are the right ones to fit your aerobar. 

Height: 9.8 Width (Tallest point 7.5 at the tapered end): 12.0 cm 
Thickness: 1.5 cm

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