Bontrager RCL Tapered Fit (Trek Speed 2015-Present)


This Style Fits:

Most Bontrager RCL bars 2015-Present.

**Here we go again with the Bontrager RCL Models. After receiving so many questions concerning the current model RCL pads we decided to make a pad that actually fits the arm rest properly thus the Tapered Fit on the label. The Bontrager Race X pads are the exact dimensions of the factory pad. However, Bontrager never resized their factory pads to match. As such, they are grossly over sized for the arm plates. We had so many calls and emails asking about it, that we just built the pad correctly for the provided arm plates. Please look over the measurements and photo’s that are provided as guidelines.**

Height: 8.5 cm Width: 10.7 cm
Thickness: 1.5 cm

Add our velcro to match with the material on your Cushys. This velcro has the right adhesive for your armrests and holds stronger than any Velcro in hardware, Amazon, or craft stores. Click “up and down” arrows to change quantity