Photo by Beau Runsten on Unsplash

It started with sore forearms…

In the late 1980’s, Cee Gees founder, Gordon, experienced the pain of an armrest worn thin after racing a triathlon. Before the rise of velcro, forearm pads were usually glued or held in place with a metal screw. The pad would eventually wear thin and the armrest rub up against a racer’s forearm. Both Gordon and his wife, knew there had to be a solution to this painful problem.

Cushys Versus The Competition


We focus on creating the best aerobar replacement pads on the planet. Cee Gees is located in beautiful Spokane, WA, where we commit ourselves to manufacturing, customer service, and small, sustainable business practices. With two generations of family involved in the business, Cee Gees plans on being here. Your comfort is our number one priority.

Family run Since 1989