Bontrager Race Lite


This Style Fits:

Older BONTRAGER Race Lite Series Aerobars prior to 2014 and TREK SPEED CONCEPT 9 Series 2010-2015 TREK SPEED 2012 Series 7.8

**NOTE: Trek Speed Concepts makes 4 different forearm rests at this time: The Cushy’s for Trek Speed Concept, Bontrager Race X are the same shape, but the Bontrager Race X is larger and is the pad that is on the current RCL models after 2015. The Cushy’s for Bontrager Race Lite have a different shape than the other two. Our measurements are provided as guidelines.**

Height: 8.2 cm Width: 9.2 cm
Thickness: 1.5 cm

Add our velcro to match with the material on your Cushys. This velcro has the right adhesive for your armrests and holds stronger than any Velcro in hardware, Amazon, or craft stores. Click “up and down” arrows to change quantity