FELT Bayonet (Felt Standard Pad)


This Style Fits:

Felt IA Dagger,B2/DA/B12/B14/B15/IA10 (Devox), Bayonet Aerobars

Available in Standard or Race Thickness

Since the current OEM Felt pad is thin (4-6mm) we decided to add the Race thickness as an option to minimize the change on height fit, same Cushys quality just thinner. If you need the extra cushioning or support we always have our Standard thickness foam.

*IMPORTANT NOTE concerning the FELT B12/DA bikes and FELT aerobars produced in or after 2011*.

FELT has reversed the velcro on the armrests. If your forearm rests currently have the loop part (soft part of velcro) installed, you will need to order the Cut To Fit Velcro. In order for your Cushy’s pads to mount correctly, you will need to remove the loop adhered to your forearm rest and apply the hook attachment.

Height: 9cm Width: 10cm
Thickness: Choose an option

Add our velcro to match with the material on your Cushys. This velcro has the right adhesive for your armrests and holds stronger than any Velcro in hardware, Amazon, or craft stores. Click “up and down” arrows to change quantity